What Satisfied Clients are Saying About the Literary Artist

I love Kimberly. I’ve used her services for my clients’ newsletters, bios, articles and general editing. I’ve even had her write a particularly daunting email on my behalf. She “gets” the tone of each client down, is awesome at follow-up, and I don’t have to worry about micromanaging her. I use her services often, and she never disappoints.

Deb Foley
San Clemente Website Design

I contracted Kim to update content on more than a dozen pages of the San Diego Grantmakers website as well as optimize those pages for search engine results (SEO). She delivered exactly what I asked for on time and at a competitive rate. I was impressed with the quality of service we received from Kim and I hope to work with her again.

Michelle Slingerland
San Diego Grantmakers

I have hired Kimberly to write several articles for various websites I produce. She has proven to be an extremely adept researcher, with an ability to write on a range of topics, including topics of which she had no previous knowledge. No matter what type of article I need, be it professional, serious, journalistic, comedic or tear-jerking, she always produces something compelling, thought-provoking and interesting. Kimberly writes fearlessly, cleverly and with heart.

Jeff Lizik

I have been working with Kimberly for years. She has written many pieces for key corporate and nonprofit events, to include publicity plans, articles, media alerts and general correspondence. Her writing is funny and creative! In one word, Kim is remarkable. She is a very clever and skilled writer with an excellent work ethic. She genuinely cares about her clients and tailors every word she crafts to them as individuals. She is a true literary treasure!

Jessica Geiszler
Stellar J Productions

Just found out that I got the j-o-b! Thanks again for all your help! Kim, you are the real deal! Your editing was EXCELLENT! You can add another success story to your resume/writing list!

Amy Runyen
College Instructor

 I am only on the second paragraph and this is awesome. Thank you for your writing on my housing descriptions and marketing material. In my industry, you never get a second chance to make a first impression and this will help me make a great first impression.

Josh Painter
Real Estate Broker

I have used Kimberly’s writing and editing talents frequently over the last several years. When it comes to writing compelling copy that makes you stand out from the pack, Kimberly is my go-to girl. She wrote all the copy for my website and I ask her all the time for advice on how to make my written materials stand out. She has a way with words and an attention to detail that constantly amazes me. My own unique voice and personality are infused in every word she has written for me. She really spends time getting to know her clients and catering to their needs and it really makes a difference in the end product. As long as Kim is in business, I will never hire another writer!

Ghia S. Ransome

 I presented Kimberly with a press release someone else had drafted for my clothing line. She was able to revamp it to something amazing and professional that helped me garner more attention. She also created a biography and other written items for me and now all these materials are an important part of the marketing package for the growing Eclectic Couture line.

Annie Supinger
Eclectic Couture

I have used Kimberly’s editing services several times as an educational resource. With increased class sizes due to budget cuts, it has become very difficult for one teacher to give all students the feedback they deserve in order to become better writers. Kimberly has helped me with editing student work. She is a grammar, spelling, and punctuation master and knows the importance of proper writing. Her knowledge of writing fluency, essay format, and effective transitions exceeds some teachers I know. Thanks Kim for your contributions to the education of future writers!

Michele Gallo
Junior High School English Teacher

Kimberly is, hands-down, one of the best writers I’ve worked with. Creative, witty, honest and to the point, she is more than just a skilled writer, she has a wonderful knack for turning even the most boring details into a colorful story. Whether it’s a lighthearted blog or one of her captivating masterpieces – this girl can write! And lucky for me, she has an amazing eye for detail when it comes to editing so I constantly find myself contacting her with grammar and spelling issues.

Christy Shaw
Community Affairs Specialist

I contacted Kimberly when I needed help finding a job. She revamped my resume, helped me draft a cover letter and edited my professional profile on LinkedIn. I am now confident in my job search since I am armed with a highly-professional and extremely well-written and edited package to take to interviews. In this job market, I highly recommend hiring Kimberly, whose talents are unmatched when it comes to writing and editing for personal marketing.

Catherine Jones
Buyer/Procurement Professional

I have used Kimberly’s writing skills in a professional capacity several times and found her to be a very talented and consistent marketing writer. She really delivers more than you expect and does it on time! She has also helped me create a compelling resume that quickly found me a wonderful job in my field.

Clint Campbell
Sales Professional

Kimberly is a terrific writer.  She took my decent work and, in just 24 hours, turned it into a piece of art that is dynamic, smooth, concise and creative. She was also very thoughtful, so it read like my words – only better. This review might seem a bit exaggerated but it is completely true.  The only way to know for sure is to try her yourself.  Kim’s prices are great, her turnaround fast, and the quality of her writing is outstanding.  I recommend her to all my friends and colleagues.

Corry Westbrook
Nonprofit Executive