Top 10 Children’s Books to Celebrate Mother’s Day

This weekend is Mother’s Day. If you are a mother of very young children, it is important that you start immediately fostering a sense in them of how awesome you are as a mother, so that you may reap the benefits of very expensive jewelry, flowers and spa treatments for many Mother’s Days to come.

Here is a collection of some of my favorite children’s books (you may not know that your literary artist taught preschool a couple of decades ago) that will help your children understand the complexity and sacrifice of a mother’s love:

1) Love You Forever


When I think of books about the strength of the bond between mother and child, even after death, this classic is the first that comes to mind. If you have a couple hours to sit and cry ugly tears with your children, then this book is for you. If nothing else, it will impart upon them the guilt that will keep them coming home for dinner every Sunday once they are adults.

2) Are You My Mother?


If you have kids, you should already own this, mostly because you should own every single children’s book Dr. Seuss has ever written. While this classic seems to start off with an abandonment, the moral of the story is that, if mommy isn’t with you, it’s because she’s out working her butt off to make sure you get to eat.



3) Spot Loves His Mommy


Don’t have kids? Adopt a dog. Their loyalty needs no convincing.


4) The Runaway Bunny


This story is really old but really timeless. The take-away is basically this: You will not escape your mother so you might as well stick it out.


5) The Kissing Hand


Mothers are wise, kind and giving….even when they’re racoons.



6) Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?

does a kangaroo have a mother

Eric Carle. Enough said.


7) My Mommy Hung the Moon


There is a small window of time in which your kids think of you as a god. Celebrate this period.


8) What Moms Can’t Do


A hilarious look at the few things moms aren’t capable of.


9) Mama, Do You Love Me?


A young girl needs a lot of reassurance. A patient mother gives it to her. Bonus: enjoy the visit into Inuit culture.


10) I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love


Celebrate your child’s uniqueness. Just be careful not to buy the paperback (adult) novel of the same name.